Bawah Reserve

Anambas, Riau Islands, Indonesia

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Best For: Families.
Paradise Sun offers a daily entertainment programme plus a complimentary weekly sunset cruise.

The Low Down

Set in tropical gardens brimming with palm trees and blooming hibiscus, Paradise Sun on the stunning island of Praslin offers low-rise wooden rooms in-keeping with the traditional Creole style. From breakfast poolside to lunch on the beach and dinner with the ocean lapping against St Pierre Beach Restaurant, cuisine at Paradise Sun is a menu of Creole-inspired, always-fresh, familiar-favourites and Seychelles flavours. From oven hot pizza to ocean fresh sashimi and from jungle picked fruits to French style pastries, dining with us at our Praslin restaurant is a plate to remember. Creole warmth, garden-fresh cuisine, endless jungle and underwater exploring make Paradise Sun hotel on Praslin in the Seychelles a place for family, romance, adventure or simply a wish-you-were-here dream island getaway.

The Peaks Promise

(complimentary experience)

Each booking will receive a complimentary afternoon tea.

Average Temperature & Rainfall in Days

JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

27C        27C      28C       29C       29C       29C 

10             6             9              11              11            9 

JUL         AUG        SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC  

28C        28C      27C       27C       27C       27C 

10             10           10             11             13            15 

Average Room Rates in AED

JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

     6538    6538   6538     7272     6538     6538

JUL         AUG        SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC  

   6538     7272      6538    6538     6538     7272

Minimum 3 nights stay, stay for 5 nights and pay for 4, there is a 12 months rebooking period should travel restricitions cotinue or if you cannot travel due to health reasons

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