Paris, France

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A laid-back escape to the city of love.

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Located in Paris’ 16th arrondissement, Brach offers an immersive and inspiring experience for visitors discovering the French capital. Deployed across all eight floors of a glass structure house, rooms, suites and spaces at Brach offer plant covered public and privates’ terraces (some of them opening with breath-taking views over Paris). The roof of Brach has also transformed into an urban vegetable garden complete with a henhouse plus 360° panorama views of Paris. Brach was born from a former 1970s mail-sorting centre, a surface area of 7000 sqm left free to the imagination of visionary creator Philippe Starck. Architecture of the 1930s meets Modernism and Bauhaus, the Dada and the Surrealists mixed with warm colours combined with natural and raw materials including wood, leather, concrete, glass, marble and metal. With its swimming pools, sports club, bar, restaurant, grocery store and pastry shop, Brach is a place of culture and well-being that we can enjoy from morning to night.

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