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An adventure through one of the world’s hidden gems!

The Low Down

COMO Uma Bhutan, comprised of two award-winning lodges, COMO Uma Punakha and COMO Uma Paro — voted best and second-best hotels in Asia, respectively, by Condé Nast Traveler — takes you to the heart of the ethereal Himalayan Kingdom. COMO Uma Paro is situated on the cusp of the Paro Valley, with sweeping views of the pristine mountains from the 38-acre estate, made up of 20 rooms and nine villas. COMO Uma Punakha is more intimate, with just eight rooms and two villas, located a five-hour drive through the Himalayas from Paro. Both lodges serve up Bhutanese and Western dishes, as well as COMO Shambhala Cuisine, at their respective Bukhari restaurants. 

The Peaks Promise

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Each booking will receive complimentary yoga, Pranayama and meditation.

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JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

20%        20%        20%        20%        20%        20% 

JUL         AUG      SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC

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Average Temperature & Rainfall in Days

JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

       5C         7C         10C        13C        15C         17C 

           0             0              0             1              7              20

JUL         AUG        SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC  

     18C        18C         17C        14C         9C           6C 

      30          26            23             7              0              0  

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Average Room Rates in AED

JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

      1186       1186      2222     2222     2222       1781

JUL         AUG        SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC  

    1781         1781      2222     2222       2222       1781

Rates are based on double room, room only and inclusive of taxes

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