Dera Amer

Jaipur, India

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Something out of the ordinary! Dera Amer isn’t your average hotel - instead of cars, it has camels and elephants; instead of a high-end restaurant, it has a torch-lit dining pavilion; instead of rooms, it has luxury tents!

The Low Down

Six sumptuous safari style tents are dotted around acres of wild shrubland, providing you with all the creature comforts you desire whilst in the most peaceful setting: in fact, there’s no- one else around for miles. Bespoke furnishings are taken from the Raj era models: travellers would have been reclining on the same Cawnpore Cots and Planters chairs centuries ago. Sit back in front of a roaring bonfire, with a drink in one hand and the scent of a live barbecue in the air, whilst music and dance performances are presented by local folk artists. Whether a honeymooning couple, or a family with children, there is no experience that quite compares to your own secluded wilderness camp accompanied by Dera Amer’s friendly elephants.

The Peaks Promise

(complimentary experience)

Each booking will receive a special private dining experience for two.

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Average Temperature & Rainfall in Days

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     1139        1139       1139        1139       TBC       TBC  

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    TBC       TBC       TBC       1139         1139        1139

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