LUX* South Ari Atoll Resort & Villas


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People who want a bit of peace and a bit of party!

The Low Down

Offering a spectrum of marine life, gorgeous villas and delicious culinary options, LUX* South Ari Atoll Resort and its surroundings are everything you want from a trip to the Maldives plus the little things you’d never expect. Situated on one of the largest Islands in the Maldives, expect 4 kilometres of white sandy beaches and charming water villas perched upon the ocean, villas are super spacious as well as being wonderfully designed with beach house chic vibes. The resort pride themselves on the array of activities available so there’s no risk of getting bored and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to wining and dining with their 8 restaurants and 5 bars. The charms of the island and the underwater delights leave you wishing you had booked for longer.

The Peaks Promise

(complimentary experience)

Each booking will receive a complimentary Treasure Hunt experience

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JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

   20%       20%        20%       20%       20%        20% 

JUL         AUG      SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC

    20%        20%      20%       20%        20%       20% 

Average Temperature & Rainfall in Days

JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

28C        28C      29C       29C       29C       28C 

 10              8             6              11            24            7

JUL         AUG        SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC  

28C        28C      28C       28C       28C        28C 

  13             16             13            18            17             17 

The Best Room For You

Average Room Rates in AED

JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

     1295      1295      1295      1295       924       830

JUL         AUG        SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC  

    924         924      830      1295        1295       1295

Rates are based on a Beach Pavillion room, Xmas and New Year rates average 5950 AED

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