Paradise Sun

Praslin Island, Seychelles

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Best For: Families.
Paradise Sun offers a daily entertainment programme plus a complimentary weekly sunset cruise.

The Low Down

Set in tropical gardens brimming with palm trees and blooming hibiscus, Paradise Sun on the stunning island of Praslin offers low-rise wooden rooms in-keeping with the traditional Creole style. From breakfast poolside to lunch on the beach and dinner with the ocean lapping against St Pierre Beach Restaurant, cuisine at Paradise Sun is a menu of Creole-inspired, always-fresh, familiar-favourites and Seychelles flavours. From oven hot pizza to ocean fresh sashimi and from jungle picked fruits to French style pastries, dining with us at our Praslin restaurant is a plate to remember. Creole warmth, garden-fresh cuisine, endless jungle and underwater exploring make Paradise Sun hotel on Praslin in the Seychelles a place for family, romance, adventure or simply a wish-you-were-here dream island getaway.

The Peaks Promise

(complimentary experience)

Each booking will receive a complimentary afternoon tea.

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