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So you want to be part of The Peaks? We can’t wait to have you onboard! To make things easy, we’ve bundled the good stuff into two membership packages, giving you exclusive access to some of the world’s most breathtaking hotels, complimentary nights, exclusive experiences and so much more.

No Fee

Fee: $120 $60

*offer for the first year valid from 1st January – 30th June

Includes access to general site and hotel pages (but not exclusive rates, Peaks Perks, Peaks Plans, newsletter etc)

  • Access to curated collection of hotels offering discounted rates and complimentary experiences on booking

  • Access to discounts and benefits through The Peaks Perks

  • Access to insider tips on each destination through The Peaks Plans

  • Access to insider information via our newsletter and sneak peaks 

  • Access to global travel community/like-minded people sharing their recommendations on different destinations