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The Low Down

RAAS is Jodhpur's first boutique hotel. The signature look was born from the fusion of modern and ancient styles and the courtyard has become a tranquil haven away from the bustle of Jodhpur’s old town. The hotel comprises four original buildings with three additional contemporary structures, influenced by and contributing to its cultural past as part of the Walled City. The new buildings are modern and contemporary in their use of space and light; and yet grounded in tradition. The whole hotel is overlooked by Mehrangarh, an awe-inspiring 15th century fort looming 400 feet above the Jodhpur skyline. When lit up in the evenings, the views are simply breathtaking and, like virtually every home here, almost every room in the hotel enjoys the most spectacular view of the fort, rated in 2008 by Time Magazine as "Asia's Best Fortress".

The Peaks Promise

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Each booking will receive a complimentary guided heritage city walk through Jodhpur.

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