Song Saa

Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia

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Created with sustainability in mind, Song Saa Private Island reflects the beauty of the Cambodian coastline. Surrounded by nature, built from local materials by local hands and infused with local art and soul, Song Saa offers a tropical getaway with a pristine private beach. Spacious wooden villas, heavenly spa sanctuaries and a preserved coral reef allow you to detach from the world and tune into simple luxuries. With unique cuisine and stunning sunset views of the Gulf of Thailand, as well as an array of spa and wellness treatments, Song Saa offers the ultimate indulgence for mind, body and soul. Harmony, sustainability and barefoot luxury are the core principles that underpin the design of Song Saa which includes energy efficient thatched roofing; sandstone reclaimed from the Villa foundation; recycled timber from disused fishing boats; furniture made from driftwood collected from local beaches and coves; and floors made from timber salvaged from old factories, warehouses and demolition yards around Cambodia and Thailand. This is complemented by bespoke hand-made furniture crafted by local artisans and artwork sourced from provincial markets or local artists.

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Each booking will receive a $100 spa voucher per villa

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