SUJÁN Sher Bagh

Ranthambhore, India

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A classic safari camp experience and the chance to see tigers in the wild. 

The Low Down

Ranthambhore is the world’s finest place to observe tigers in the wild, and SUJÁN Sher Bagh is the ideal base from which to explore this billion-year-old forest. A camp built on the family’s private farm, there is nowhere more authentic to stay. With beautiful tented accommodation, you’ll enjoy crackling campfires under star lit skies, while the camp naturalists  share the facts of the forest. It’s a place where comfort, style and an unmatchable commitment to conservation meet.


With over 40 years experience, Sher Bagh’s guides and trackers are the best in the business. Their incredible knowledge of the park and the behaviour of its star inhabitant, the tiger, together with their passionate enthusiasm, make a stay here unparalleled.

The Peaks Promise

(complimentary experience)

Each booking will receive a complimentary 60-minute spa treatment or excursion to Ranthambhore Fort.

Average Temperature & Rainfall in Days

JAN         FEB        MAR        APR        MAY        JUN  

   13C         17C        23C      29C      33C      33C 

   1                1                1               1             2             14

JUL         AUG        SEP        OCT        NOV        DEC  

 31C         30C       29C       25C       19C         14C 

    23              21            14            3              2               1

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