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Born in the GCC as the first (and only) home-grown travel club in the region, The Peaks has now spread its wings to welcome members from around the world! As champions for the boutique, the bespoke and the beautiful, we pride ourselves on working with independent hotels, luxury villas, apartments and holidays homes in some of the most breath-taking corners of the globe.


To help you pick your perfect getaway, we tell it exactly like it is – from the unmissable experiences to the finishing touches and everything in between. We share tips on our favourite room, the best places to wine and dine, family-friendly activities…the list goes on. Head over to our Travel With Us page for more information.


Whether it’s a surf retreat on the sandy shores of Sri Lanka, street food hopping in Chang Mai or snorkelling off a water villa in the Maldives, The Peaks is a gateway for its members to discover local culture, flavours and traditions.

The Peaks Perks

Because we like to spoil our members, The Peaks Perks unlocks all sorts of offers with access to our partners’ discounted products and services. In need of a last-minute bikini or some fresh sunglasses? The Peaks Perks has all basis covered when it comes to pre and post travel plus the trip itself!
We are here to help you make the most of your time, your trip, your memories and your experiences because we know your time is the ultimate luxury. Every club has its purpose - ours is to offer you a peak into new luxury.
After all, we are The Peaks!

The Peaks Plans

To truly enjoy a destination, our members will need the best local tips from the savviest explorers. Luckily, The Peaks Plans offers insider knowledge and first-hand advice on each destination, covering everything from the coolest drivers and tour guides to the hippest hang-outs and most vibrant shopping spots. With the help of local gurus at each of our handpicked hotels alongside our talented team, The Peaks Plans covers all the essentials and more.

Our Journey

Founded by Maryanne Peacock, a hotel lover and travel junkie, The Peaks was born from a desire to introduce the Middle East market to the world’s best boutique, bespoke and beautiful hotels and privately-owned villas, offering members a doorway into luxury and personalised travel without the hefty price tags.

A lifestyle travel club, The Peaks offers a peak into new luxury by allowing its members the chance to explore the world’s hidden gems and indulge in one-of-a-kind experiences, both around the world and close to home. The first (and only) home-grown travel club in the GCC, Maryanne has created a company that ties in with her passion for hotels and desire to explores new countries and continents.

Maryanne is also the founder of communications consultancy, The Comms Club, an agency of boundary breakers and content creators who strive to do things differently. Specialising in all things travel, food and wellness, The Comms Club serves as advisors, ambassadors and brand strategists, generating meaningful dialogue and identifying unique partnerships on brand’s behalf. Having started a business at a young age, Maryanne’s entrepreneurial acumen has led her to the creation of The Peaks, a company she believes will grow from the Middle East to take on the globe.

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Join us on this exciting journey