A Peak Into New Luxury

Today, luxury travel is about more than just five-star hotels and fine dining. More and more, we are not seeking opulence nor do we want to wear dinner jackets and high heels on our holidays. Indulging in luxury travel for its own sake is no longer enough. We want experiences. We want memories.

We’re here to make those wishes a reality.

Why You Should Stay With The Peaks

The Peaks’ wants to give you a peak into new experiences, new memories and new destinations by introducing you to the new luxury – the best way to travel. We are here to help you make the most of your time, your trip, your memories and your experiences because we know your time is the ultimate luxury.

The first (and only) home-grown travel club in the GCC, The Peaks knows hotels! Having visited some of the world’s best boutique properties and witnessed 5* service across the globe, the carefully curated collection comes from a lifetime of exploration. We know what makes a successful holiday or stay, and have picked properties that we know will deliver.



The first year will be free of charge, allowing members a chance to explore our services. One-year memberships will start from 1st January 2021. Prepare to enter our world of boutique hotels, bespoke travel and unique experiences.

The Breakdown

Our taste might be expensive but our prices most definitely are not! Becoming part of The Peaks Pack is simple – from 1st January until 31st December 2020, signing up to The Peaks will be free of charge. This includes access to The Peaks Plans, The Peaks Perks and the fleeting ‘Sneak Peaks’ – keep your eyes peeled for these exclusive offers, stay out of touch for too long and you’ll miss them.

Our booking process is easy!



Once you’ve picked your favourite hotel for your upcoming holiday, email us using the details at the bottom of the hotel page. From here, our team will help you make your booking directly with your chosen hotel - from your preferred date and room preference, to transfer requirements and payment details. Think of us as your bridge between the UAE and the rest of the world.


To find out more about our travels and get a taste for what we do, follow our insta-feed.

We Know Travel,

We Are The Peaks

A high-end travel club, The Peaks provides a peak into new luxury by allowing members the chance to explore the best in the boutique, bespoke and beautiful at discounted rates, and indulge in personalised, one-of-a-kind experiences, both around the world and close to home.  

The Peaks’ collection has been created to fulfill members’ desires to travel frequently to incredible destinations and stay in some of the world’s most beautiful hotels for less. We swap traditional five star properties with boutique hotels, stuffy restaurants take a back seat to vibrant, hidden local gems and personalised services whisk you from comfort to adventure and back again. The Peaks’ champions boutique hotels and bespoke travel.


Your holiday, your choices. Our expertise.