10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Amanyangyun, Shanghai

Whilst every Aman has a story to tell, we are especially impressed with moving tale of this particular property. Situated just outside the sophisticated city of Shanghai, Amanyangyun is home to 1000-year-old trees and heritage homes from the Ming and Qing dynasty that were transported more than 700 kilometers to be given a new-life.

Meaning ‘nourishing cloud’ in Chinese, ‘yangyun’ is a metaphor for expanding the ‘cloud’ of the mind with knowledge – a philosophy that stems from the heart-warming tale of the trees and the historical buildings that have been transported and preserved in their new home. With a fascinating past, present and future, here are 10 reasons why Amanyangyun should be on everyone’s bucket list this year.

Amanyangyun is home to thirteen antique villas dating from the Ming and Qing dynasty, which form the core of this remarkable resort. Each antique villa is configured slightly differently but has retained its original blueprint, with just a few modern touches such as the large windows and modern furniture, which work well with the heritage feel. With a private pool, four to five bedrooms plus a large garden and dining and living space, these villas are truly one of a kind.

Located 50-minutes from the airport and 1 hour from the inner-city of Shanghai, Amanyangyun provides the perfect escape from the city without being too far away to explore the beauties of the Bund and beyond.

It’s all thanks to local entrepreneur Ma Dadong that this preservation project came to life. The 1000-year-old trees were moved trunk by trunk from 434 miles away, to be reassembled 15 years later as the soul of Amanyangyun. He was determined to rescue the camphor forest and historic villages that were about to be destroyed in his native Jiangxi province. The king camphor tree that sits in the heart of Amanyangyun is supposed to bring good luck to all those who water it.

Kerry Hill Architects was the designer on this iconic project and drew on the design of the Ming and Qing dynasty villas, with their courtyards, wooden lattice design and black stone to create the rest of this resort. Combined with Aman minimalism and style, the result offers a glimpse of Chinese heritage whilst offering every comfort of the 21st century.

The wellness facilities are stonking, offering both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, private bathhouses with a hamman and a Russian banya, a well-equipped gym, and a yoga and Pilates studio. There are also traditional Oriental medicine consultations with a wide range of treatments ranging from acupuncture to nutritional regimes.

The spa spans 2,840 square meters and is one of the biggest and most comprehensive wellness havens in Shanghai.

Lazu, the Chinese restaurant, cooks up Jiangxi specialties, the region where the antique villas and camphor trees are from. The food offers a delicious insight into the heart of China – arrive hungry, as believe us when we leave, you won’t be!

The Boutique stocks a beautiful range of finely crafted local arts, crafts, jewellery and antiques.

The resort also offers luxury residences so if you really fall in love with this little slice of paradise, you can purchase one of your own.