A Peak into Peru

One of the most underrated and overlooked destinations, a place filled with culture, ancient ruins, the andes, the amazon rain forest and exquisite food! There is so many things to see and do in Peru that really staying here for less than a week would simply not suffice. I will be sharing with you some of the best places to stay in this unique and wonderous part of the world.

Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and the largest navigable lake in the world. The Inca’s believed it to be the birthplace of the Sun and is an area of great importance to the Andean people. One of our newest hotels to join our portfolio, Titilaka, is situated on the southern east shore of the lake, in a private peninsula 4000m above sea-level. With 18 lake-facing rooms overlooking the ethereal landscape, the lodge is a picturesque treat. Titicaca lake is known as the Peruvian capital of folklore and is host to some of the most elaborate traditional festivals, day trips can be organised to explore the dotted manmade islands made from totora reeds. The inhabitants of the floating villages of Uros still plant and harvest crops by hand all while dressed in brightly coloured petticoats accompanied by their pet llamas.

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The city of Arequipa is often regarded as the most important by Peruvian people, even more so than Lima. They often refer to it as Ciudad Blanca which means ‘White City’, due to the volcanic sillar rock that is used in many of its buildings. Arequipa is filled with historical cathedrals, churches and monasteries around every corner, if you wish to stay in such a place, Cirqa boutique hotel formed part of the San Augustin church in 1540. With whopping great panels of glass that have been inserted into the arches, paired with crystal chandeliers held up by industrial chains, the dramatic flair is blended with neutral tones in order to carefully reinvent the historic property. The soon to be opened rooftop eatery will boast 360º views over the city, surrounding volcanoes and snow capped mountains. As Arequipenean tradition dictates, good food is fundamental. Guests can sample homegrown dishes inspired by the native flavours and local spices along with their experienced, international chefs guaranteeing a plate full of magic.

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To round off this journey to Peru, it wouldn’t be a visit without a stay in the capital, Lima. Though its colonial center is preserved, it’s a bustling metropolis and one of South America’s largest cities. One of the most affluent and upscale shopping areas is Miraflores, where traditional and trendy influences have merged. Old houses co-exist with modern multi story buildings giving it a certain special charm and flair. A perfect example of this blend is Atemporal, formerly a 1940s Tudor style, family mansion is now a hotelito serving as a hideaway from the vibrant capital. With just nine rooms, this unique eclectic townhouse offers a personalised service where guests can unwind and recharge their batteries between adventures in lively Lima.

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