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Disconnecting and discovering Lake Titicaca and its surroundings

the Low Down

Titilaka is a remote experience lodge on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The remodeled structure with its overwhelming views is the base from where unforgettable experiences take place. There are 18 fully-equipped lake-view rooms with outdoor wrap-around terraces, an overwater deck and boardwalks. Located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Titicaca on a tranquil private peninsula shared only with the local indigenous Aymara community. Surrounded on three sides by the pristine lake, and with four acres of grounds, Titilaka is the perfect base to explore this unspoiled corner of an area renowned for its ethereal beauty, and remains home to some of Peru’s most traditional communities.

the Peaks Promise

Each booking will receive a complimentary VIP handmade gift

The Best Room For You

The Kit

The hotel has cots available as well as bottle warming facilities

Babysitting Cost

Due to boutique nature of the hotel, babysitting services are not available

Top Facilities

Titilaka provides guests free use of kayaks and rowing boats or you can borrow a mountain bike from the hotel, hike the nearby hills or stroll the shoreline

  • Remote location, away from mass-tourism
  • Part of Andean Experience Co. Founded by Ignacio Masias in 2006, this award-winning design team is behind recognized Relais & Châteaux properties such as Titilaka in Lake Titicaca, CIRQA in Arequipa, Atemporal in Lima and DMC Peru Empire.
  • Titicaca is widely recognized for its magical natural landscapes. Its wildlife stands out as the true protagonist. Many different bird species inhabit the lake and its surroundings
  • Titilaka’s social commitment is focussed on supporting the sustainable economic development of the villages around the lodge. Starting by offering local community members a stable, well-paid job that is all too rare in this part of the world,
  • Titilaka has been awarded the CALTUR; the Peruvian government certification for tourism quality, which incorporates both environmental and social standards every year.
  • The hotel offers and array of authentic unique experiences that will deeply immerse guests into the Peruvian culture
  • The climate is cooler due to the altitude but is predictable and pleasant all year round
  • Alternative yet still awesomely romantic destination for honeymooners
  • A great way to end an exploration trip in Peru
Titilaka features eighteen lake-facing rooms with exceptional view which are distributed on three levels connected by central hallways. Each room has an open format and is equipped with a full bathroom and contemporary furnishings complemented by local textiles and fresh flowers.
• Location:
Located on the shores of Lake Titicaca in its own private peninsula. The largest lake in South America and the highest navigable body of water in the world. It was the foundation of the most influential pre-hispanic cultures of the Andean Region.
• Getting there:
There are 4 daily flights from Lima to Juliaca airport which has a duration of 110 minutes. Then from the airport, Titilaka is a 76km / 2-hour drive.
• What to pack:
Given the changing weather, we recommend layering your clothing. It is advisable to wear light clothing during the day when it is sunny (shirts/T-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, shorts) and warm winter clothes for the evenings and mornings (sweaters, fleeces, long trousers, coats). We also recommend using walking shoes or hiking boots, a sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen when outside.
• Restaurants:
The contemporary menu offers a unique take on Peruvian cuisine, with a special emphasis on Andean ingredients. Executive Chef, María Fé Garcia, was inspired by the ethereal beauty of Titicaca when she created Titilaka’s culinary recipes. A menu that is nutritious and filling, but also light.
• Spa:
There is no spa however massage services are available when booked in advance
• Signature Activities:
Islands of Lake Titicaca:
Explore the Uros floating islands and the Island of Taquile on this full-day trip; this trip brings you closer to the islands’ Uros-Aymara communities providing a unique opportunity to personally meet the skilled reed raftsmen and expert weaver women famous for their craft. You’ll get to know first-hand the remarkable heritage and the ancestral techniques used to keep their islands afloat.
Colonial temples:
Stop and explore the epicenter of the region’s evangelism during the Spanish conquest in the Juli and Pomata churches.
Local festivities:
Known as the Peruvian Capital of Folklore, Lake Titicaca is host to some of the country’s most renowned traditional festivals. Among the most celebrated and popular is the Virgin of la Candelaria showcasing over 360 pre- and post-colonial dances. This festival is held each February and gathers around 40,000 people. Storming Puno’s streets with vibrant dances and lively traditional wear made solely for the celebration, the Virgin of la Candelaria is the region’s most representative celebration. Titilaka has identified 12 local celebrations near the lodge and if your stay with coincides with one of them, guides will gladly assist you to go and experience them. Only few travellers have lived these typical Peruvian traditions.
Nautical sports:
The boat house gives you the exclusive opportunity to sail at more than 12,000 feet (around 3,800m) above sea level. Choose among kayaks, Canadian canoes, paddle boards and sunfish sailboats or try them all as you explore the wonderful Lake Titilaka. Experienced Titilaka instructors will look over your safety and explain navigation procedures before you begin your nautical journey. Explore the lake at your own pace while enjoying its serenity and silence. Discover the nearby ecosystems among the shores and Totora reeds to observe local wildlife and plants. Don’t miss the views of the lodge as you make your way back. Once there, enjoy some snacks and refreshing beverages on our outdoor terrace.
  • All rates are inclusive of taxes

All inclusive rates include:

Buffet & à la carte breakfast, à la carte lunch and dinner with wine and cocktails, tea time, shared half- and full-day excursions on lake or land, shared transfers between the lodge and airport/train station, taxes and services.

Average Temperature & Rainfall in Days

Average Room Rates in USD

Rates based on double occupancy for all inclusive Explorer room

Visa Cost

Tourist visas are free for many nationalities . For more information click here.

Top Tip

There are no ATMs around the hotels surrounding area, so arrive stocked with local currency

Local Currency

Nuevo Peruvian Soles and US Dollars are widely accepted in Peru.

peak season

Lake Titicaca has a borderline subtropical highland/alpine climate with cool to cold temperatures for most of the year.


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